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Replacement Satellite Pedestal Enclosure



Transfer your existing interior electronics to a new steel enclosure.

Power Supply
Assembly included

Featuring circuit breaker
and surge protection.
$649.99 Retail Value

bolt pattern

No need for new
concrete! The new
enclosure will drop right
onto your existing bolts,
if still in good condition.

Choose robust steel vs. plastic

We believe the industry moved from steel to plastic due to manufacturing costs.
But at BoardTronics, our customers know we never sacrifice quality.
• 16-Gauge steel enclosure construction
• Zinc-rich primer undercoat for rust resistance
• Durable grey powder-coated color finish
• Clean, sleek design

Front & rear doors

Plastic doors are prone to warping,
leaving openings that pave the way
for pest & amphibian infestation, as
well as water leakage. Our enclosure
features structurally sound steel front
and rear doors that contain weather
stripping for added protection of the
electronics inside.

Direct-fit installation

Pre-installed mounting plates built
specifically for MSC 16/24 allow
you to transfer your existing interior
parts seamlessly. Install them as you
would in your existing enclosure!

You asked, we delivered.

For years, customers have requested additional marketplace solutions for replacement enclosures.
Years of weathering and damage cause broken/warped plastic doors and major leaking, leading to
exposure of valuable electronic components to the elements. We believe we have bridged this gap
for superintendents, engineering a more reliable product than traditional OEM offerings.

Compatibility, guaranteed.

Our main focus in engineering this product was ensuring compatibility with your existing system. Not only
will the SuperParts™ Replacement Satellite Pedestal Enclosure bolt into your existing concrete slab, your
interior parts will fit inside the enclosure just as they do for you now. Best of all, you can mix & match both
OEM parts AND SuperParts™, giving you the flexibility to limit your upfront costs, while also ensuring your
long term ability to replace electronic parts with brand new SuperParts™ as OEM parts fail.

Don’t like it? Return it to us within 90 days for a full refund, no questions asked!
Otherwise, enjoy a 1-Year Limited Warranty.

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