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Try it risk-free. If you don't find the quality and performance of this part to meet or exceed your expectations, return it to us within 90 days for a full refund!


If this part fails without any visual damage within 10 years of purchase, we will repair
or replace it for you
, free of charge.


72-Station Timing Mechanism

for Rain Bird® PAR+ES control systems

Guaranteed In Stock. Ships today if ordered by 5 PM ET Monday-Friday.

  • Brand new, direct-fit replacement part—never used, never repaired.
  • Complete assembly, ready to install. Includes main logic board, touch keypad, plastic case, and Timing Mechanism Cableall brand new..
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty.
  • Free 2-Day UPS® Delivery to all U.S. locations.
  • Free peel-and-stick UPS® return shipping label included in the box for a convenient core return.
  • Note: this Timing Mechanism is NOT compatible with 48-Station PAR+ control systems. The compatible Timing Mechanism for that system can be found here.




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Why superintendents choose SuperParts™ 72-Station Timing Mechanisms

Rain Bird PAR 16/24 Main Logic Board

Ready to install.

Having serviced countless OEM Timing Mechanisms with malfunctioning keypads and shattered plastic, we developed the SuperParts™ 72-Station Timing Mechanism as a complete brand new assembly that directly replaces OEM models without any changes or modifications required from superintendents. The four-piece assembled unit features a Main Logic Board, Timing Mechanism Cable, touch keypad, and plastic case—all brand new.

Buy new. Get new performance.

You can spend hundreds continually repairing 20 year-old OEM Timing Mechanisms, or for $399.95, you can order a brand new SuperParts™ 72-Station Timing Mechanism that has never been hit by lightning or flooding, never had poor quality regional or OEM repairs completed, and has upgrades built in. That's value shopping.

Main Logic Board

Rain Bird PAR 16/24 Main Logic Board
Rain Bird PAR 16/24 Main Logic Board

Software compatibility.

In an effort to ensure system compatibility and future software upgrades, we designed the SuperParts™ 72-Station Timing Mechanism hardware around the use of your existing OEM software. Thus, you'll receive a brand new product manufactured by BoardTronics that is fully compatible with your PAR+ES field control system and all current OEM centrals.

Backlit LCD screen.

OEM PAR+ Timing Mechanisms were originally shipped with non-backlit LCD screens. We've included a backlit LCD screen on the SuperParts™ 72-Station Timing Mechanism allowing you to use your controller 24 hours a day, regardless of outdoor lighting conditions.

Rain Bird PAR 16/24 Main Logic Board

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